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The popular Hill Cumorah Pageant is slated to end its run after the 2020 season, pageant officials announced last weekend.
Produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Hill Cumorah Pageant was staged annually in Manchester, Ontario County.
"We had a wonderful run," pageant President Neil Pitts said, noting that Hill Cumorah staff is supportive of the decision.
When I recently attended the annual Hill Cumorah Pageant put on by the Mormons in Palmyra, New York, I noted how cleverly they used Americanism to make their bizarre religious ideas more palatable to non-Mormons.
For one week every July, tens of thousands of Mormons and gentiles alike gather at sunset at the foot of the Hill Cumorah to watch a multimedia pageant of LDS history.
4 THE HILL CUMORAH PAGEANT This extravagant theater production takes place every summer in Palmyra, New York, where the prophet Joseph Smith discovered the golden plates that make up the Book of Mormon.
You can also visit a monument at nearby Hill Cumorah where Smith received from the angel Moroni the golden tablets which he translated into the Book of Mormon in 1830.
The angel Moroni appeared in his bedroom and told him that a new scripture--a supplement to the Bible--had been buried under "Hill Cumorah" in Manchester, New York.
(There is a small Mormon population, mostly families of workers at a church visitor's center and year-round support staff for the Hill Cumorah outdoor pageant.) Those children believe with all their hearts that an angel came down from heaven and gave Joseph Smith the plates, right there on Hill Cumorah, and that those local stories of Joe Smith the dishonest fortune-teller are teachings of the devil.