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fl. c.30 B.C.–A.D. 10, Jewish scholar, regarded as the forebear of the later patriarchs who led the Jews of Palestine until c.A.D. 400. The Jerusalem Talmud calls him the president of the Sanhedrin. He and ShammaiShammai
, c.50 B.C.–c.A.D. 30, Jewish sage known for his opposition to the liberal teachings of Hillel. He and his school interpreted the Law extremely rigorously, emphasizing deed rather than intent.
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 formed the most important of the rabbinic zuggot (oppositional pairs), with Hillel usually taking a more liberal stance in the interpretation of scripture. He was the great spiritual and ethical leader of his generation. His most famous maxim is "Do not unto others that which is hateful unto thee."


See biographies by N. N. Glatzer (1956) and A. H. Blumenthal (1973).


(hĭl`ĕl), in the Bible, father of AbdonAbdon
, in the Bible. 1 Judge of Israel. 2 Officer under Josiah. He also appears as Achbor.
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?60 bc--?9 ad, rabbi, born in Babylonia; president of the Sanhedrin. He was the first to formulate principles of biblical interpretation
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