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Hillsborough Community College (HCC) is a two-year community college, located in Hillsborough County, Florida.
File photo: Shutterstock) DUBAI: US police arrested three Indian nationals this week after officers found a woman and child being held at a home in Hillsborough County, Florida.
The airport is operated by the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, which operates all publicly owned airports in Hillsborough County, Florida.
Presolicitation: Tampa Harbor, Maintenance Dredging, 43-Foot, 41-Foot, and 34-Foot Projects, Hillsborough Bay (HB), Cut-A (HB), Cut-C (HB), and Cut-D (HB), Tampa Harbor, Hillsborough County, Florida
I am a native of Hillsborough County, Florida, and have been around the legal profession from a very young age.
in Hillsborough County, Florida, for driving under the influence of alcohol, has been accused of offering police 10,000-dollar bribe to let her go.
Hillsborough County, Florida, officials say repairing a crater approximately 130 feet wide and 60 feet deep--caused by a sinkhole--isn't expected to be completed until next year.
This week, at an event celebrating collaboration and resulting education reforms in Hillsborough County, Florida, Secretary Duncan, American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten, and National Education Association (NEA) President Dennis Van Roekel announced their plans to convene a national education conference regarding labor-management collaboration early next year, to highlight progressive collective bargaining agreements across the country and promote opportunities for labor and management to forge reforms at the state and district level.
Tampa ElectricEoACAOs coal-fired power plant is located in southeastern Hillsborough County, Florida, and has an installed capacity of 1,892 megawatt (MWe).

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