see HelwanHelwan
, Hilwan
, or Hulwan
, town (1989 est. pop. 230,000), N Egypt, on the Nile River, opposite the ruins of Memphis; a suburb of Cairo. Manufactures include iron and steel, cement, and textiles; there is a food-processing and automobile industry.
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, Egypt.
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CAIRO - Egypt and Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development signed loan agreement by which Cairo receives a loan for KD 30 million from KFAED to fund a power station in the city of Hilwan, south of Cairo.
Agudez identified Felix, a village councilman of Hilwan in Tapaz town, Capiz, as the gunman, according to Vargas.
Egyptian Hilwan strategic studies Professor University Professor Mohammed Abu Hamoud also conducted a key workshop under the theme: "Strategic Planning for a Changing World".
They have also promoted more appealing slogans, particularly in impoverished areas like Hilwan, calling on local residents to stop paying water, gas, and electricity bills, knowing that this will resonate well among the public, particularly in the current, harsh economic conditions.
Rift Qassim, professor of social service at Egyptian Hilwan university who spoke about modern methods of intervention in the area of socialization.
"Music is a universal language," explained Maj Mohammad Al Shair, Head of the Dubai Police Music Department, who studied music for five years in Egypt's Hilwan University.
The cities and towns of this new Ustan were Kirmanshan, Chamchamal, Kingawar, Dinawar, Alishtar, Bestun, Harsin, Krind, Hilwan, Sharazur, Sisar, Mahidasht, Sultan, Abad, Bahar, and others.
Born in Jerusalem in 1952 Dweik received a BA degree in Art & Design from Hilwan University in Egypt.
If, for example, he knows that the tanks are at Heliopolis, he should say they are at Hilwan."
Authorities found weapons in Ismailiyah, Al-Shamaliyah, Mukatam Hills and Hilwan. Some of the weapons were World War II surplus.
Workers of the number 36 factory in Hilwan sat in in 1983, demanding a cost-of-living increase and payment of incentives that had been withheld.
CAIRO, March 15 (KUNA) -- Egypt and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) signed on Tuesday a loan agreement by which Egypt receives a loan for KD 30 million from KFAED to fund a power station in the city of Hilwan, south of Cairo.