(both: hĭng`gän`), or


(shēng`än`), former province (c.100,000 sq mi/259,000 sq km), NE China. The capital was Hailar. The region, a part of Manchuria, is bordered on the north by the Amur River and on the west by the Argun River; both separate it from Siberia. There are immense coal and timber reserves. In 1950, Hinggan became part of Heilongjiang prov.
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Therefore, 'Kadirhan jis' probably today means the Hinggan Range (Shaimerdinova, 2009).
More than 130 officers and soldiers from a branch of an armed police of the Greater Hinggan Mountains have been dispatched to rescue and relocate the residents.
Smoke was first spotted on Saturday in the Greater Hinggan mountains in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous region.
They both crossed the Amur several hundred years ago (most likely in the 1600s) and spread over the Greater and Lesser Hinggan Mountains in Manchuria.
The Great Black Dragon fire that incinerated China's Hinggan forest.
on the Nanweng River Nature Reserve in the Greater Hinggan Mountains, had been extinguished as of 8 p.
Summary: Huzhong, Heilongjiang, July 03, 2010, SPA -- A forest fire was mostly put out Saturday after ravaging the Greater Hinggan Mountains in north China&'s Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region and Heilongjiang Province for a week, fire fighters said.
The fire was spotted in the Greater Hinggan Mountains in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.