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Hierarchical Information NeTs.

A language for the CDC 3600.

["HINT: A Graph Processing Language", R.D. Hart, Michigan State U, Apr 1970].


Instructions used to ensure that a font displays properly at small point sizes. When fonts are scaled from a common algorithm, serifs, accents and various lines in small fonts may not line up properly with the pixel grid on screen. Hinting applies rules to specific characters; for example, a hint would ensure that both vertical lines in an H have the same thickness or that the sides of the "v" in the middle of an M are uniformly shaped. See scalable font and font smoothing.
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The City could always be relied upon to provide a good show; but as a result of these urbane and hintingly evangelical ceremonies, the Queen caught a cold which reddened her nose and delayed her first Parliament for two days.(5)
The meekly sloping hill becomes an |airy mountain' which hides its proud head |among the Clouds'.(4) At least Denham uses his poem to reprove, perhaps hintingly, the despotism of earlier monarchs.