Historic preservation

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Historic preservation

Encompasses a broad range of activities related to preservation and conservation of the built environment by physical and intellectual methods.

building preservation

The process of applying measures to maintain and sustain the existing materials, integrity, and form of a building, including its structure and building artifacts.
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Missouri's current program allows historic preservation tax credits to be carried back three years and carried forward ten years.
National Trust for Historic Preservation, a US-based government agency for the preservation of historic buildings and neighbourhoods, has announced a new offer for guests at Historic Hotels of America properties, in celebration of its new website.
While much study and research had occurred prior to the campus heritage survey, it was the completion of the Historic Preservation Framework Plan (see figure 1) in 2006 that led to a breakthrough in planning and collaboration.
The work and responsibilities of Michigan's former Office of State Archaeologist were recently incorporated into the SHPO to align the cultural resource protection responsibilities of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966.
The 12 chosen communities were deemed to offer an authentic visitor experience by combining dynamic downtowns, cultural diversity, attractive architecture, cultural landscapes and a strong commitment to historic preservation and revitalization.
The two-day course provides intensive training and discussion on the valuation of historic preservation easements.
city government has rarely had more than one full-time employee dedicated to historic preservation.
170(h)'s historic preservation requirement, because it did not preserve a historic structure or historically important land area.
She eschews a model of decline and an idealization of public space; instead she finds, during decades of Depression, modernization, urban renewal, desegregation, suburbanization and historic preservation, an ongoing debate on the cultural meaning of downtowns, their economic importance and their preferred patrons.
Will Fellows, the author of A Passion to Preserve, a book about gays and the preservation movement, states that "gay men are extraordinarily drawn to historic preservation.
Unfortunately, says Royce Yeater, midwest director of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, there is a tendency by some school boards to look at older schools that could be saved as being too outdated and derelict.

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