Historic preservation

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Historic preservation

Encompasses a broad range of activities related to preservation and conservation of the built environment by physical and intellectual methods.

building preservation

The process of applying measures to maintain and sustain the existing materials, integrity, and form of a building, including its structure and building artifacts.
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The scope of consulting services includes the following disciplines: Archeologist, Historian, Historic Architect, Historic Landscape Architect, Historic Engineer, Historic Preservationist, Historic Preservation Planner and Historic Preservation Contractor.
Small towns used to set pace according to the sun and time keeping was a local affair: historic preservationist Howard Mansfield considers clocks, time, and vanished habits alike in a powerful assessment of the changing nature of both time and community.
Rowell Brokaw will lead a team that includes experts not only in urban design and landscape architecture but engineers, transportation planners, a fisheries biologist and a historic preservationist.
The agreement allocates $1 million immediately to continue restoring Plum Orchard and offers a permanent increase in base funding to hire a historic preservationist and purchase necessary restoration supplies.
Additional project team members working on the broader Fulton Center project include architect and historic preservationist Page Ayres Cowley Architects, architects HDR | Daniel Frankfurt.
James Marston Fitch (1909-2000) was an American architect, critic, historian, climatologist, and historic preservationist.
The building is an architectural symbol of the city's early reliance on the railroad for passenger and freight transport, according to Sally Donovan, a Hood River historic preservationist who prepared the city's application to list the building.
According to historic preservationist Sandra Shapiro, the house reflects Warder's attention to detail, comfort, and utility.
Black & white photographs, plans, and drawings illustrate text by architect and historic preservationist Garrison.
Ken Guzowski, historic preservationist for the city of Eugene, said he has never rejected a building permit based on the historic guidelines in his 10 years with the city.
Over the past 100 years, Berglund has earned a reputation as a premier builder and historic preservationist that thrives on high-profile, complex and challenging projects in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin.
Architect Cohen and historic preservationist Benjamin look at private residences that were built over a period of 50 years in Chicago's wealthy North Shore district, home to some of the region's greatest industrial and merchant families.

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