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College-level collections strong on socialist and economic systems will welcome this historical review of socialist economic post WWII.
Coverage progresses from a historical review through the development of Eurocodes.
Gilbert Shapiro, "The Many Lives of Georges Lefebvre," American Historical Review, 72:2 (1967): 502-514.
For a historical review of the Intel and AMD processors, please see the section below, Background White Paper: CPUs--Increasing Performance Requirements and Tightening Cost Constraints.
In addition to giving a historical review of PTSD, following chapters all include case studies intended to add to the understanding of the influences and impacts of the disease and its treatment and care.
Chapters build upon this concept and provide not only a unique historical review, but an analysis essential to any college-level collection strong in Native American studies.
Editor Andre Bryskier (Sonofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals) leads off with a historical review of antibacterial chemotherapy, discussing the penicillin era and the postpenicillin era, classification of antimicrobial agents, the epidemiology of resistance, and the development of an antibiotic.
Cooper, "Conflict and Connection: Rethinking Colonial African History," American Historical Review 99, no.
Market segmentation figures are provided both for a five year historical review period as well as a five year forecast period.
One of the founders of neuroendocrinology, Roger Guillemin, attended the conference and presented a short historical review of the field.
The Chickasaw story has been explored before, true--but not with such a vivid blend of color art and historical review, which deftly captures the history, culture and trials of the Chickasaw peoples.
Topik's "Coffee Anyone: Recent Research on Latin American Coffee Societies" (Hispanic American Historical Review 80[2]: 225-266) is an excellent bibliographic entree to a growing literature.

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