Historical Sciences, International Committee for ICHS

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Historical Sciences, International Committee for (ICHS)


a standing international organization organized to establish scholarly contacts among historians of different countries and to prepare and conduct international historical congresses. The ICHS was created in accordance with a resolution adopted by the fifth international congress of historians in Brussels in April 1923. The founding meeting of the ICHS took place in Geneva on May 14, 1926, at which the statutes of the organization were adopted. Amendments to the statutes were introduced in 1933, 1950, 1957, and 1960.

The ICHS consists of national committees that represent the research and educational institutions of 46 countries (as of 1971) and of international organizations that are affiliated with the ICHS, such as the International Association for Byzantine Studies, the International Economic History Association, and the International Association for the Study of the Countries of Southeastern Europe. The ICHS also has internal commissions, such as the commissions on bibliography, iconography, and comparative military history. The presidents of the ICHS have been H. Koht of Norway (1926–33), H. Temperley of Great Britain (1933–38), W. G. Leland of the USA (1938), H. Nabholz of Switzerland (1947–50), R. Fawtier of France (1950–55), F. Chabod of Italy (1955–60), H. Schmid of Austria (1960–63), P. Harsin of Belgium (1965–70), A. A. Guber of the USSR (1970–71), and E. M. Zhukov of the USSR (since mid-1972). Since 1926 the ICHS has published the Bulletin d’information at irregular intervals.

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