Historical Terms

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Historical Terms


(Russian, istorizmy), words designating objects, things, or phenomena that do not exist today. The Russian words tiun (tax collector) and bortnichat’ (to gather the honey of wild bees), for example, have now disappeared from the language, although they occur as historical terms in descriptions of ancient Rus’.

Historical terms may be hundreds of years old, for example, smerd (peasant in ancient Russia), boyar, and bratina (a globe-shaped vessel for beverages used at communal feasts), or they may be only a few decades old, for instance, nepman, likbez (campaign against illiteracy), and prodnalog (tax in kind). Unlike archaisms, historical terms do not have semantic equivalents in the modern language. Historical terms are usually employed for stylistic effect in literary works on historical themes, for example, “the princes in shishaki (spiked helmets) rode about, while the kmety (peasant warriors) shod in bast sandals repulsed the foes in fierce fighting” (N. Aseev).


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For many people one of the most beautiful and in historical terms one of the most interesting towns in Slovakia.
Her study dovetails with the spatial turn that environmental concerns have bequeathed the humanities today, she says, but the stakes were very different in historical terms, because gardens in early Netherlandish art deeply animated bodily moralization for devout viewers, who were taught that their salvation was contingent on physical normativity and carnal control.
In historical terms, the principle of sovereignty was fairly undermined by the duo of superpowers in their contest for hegemony.
economy, in historical terms, is "overdue" for some kind of contraction.
"As a locomotive, Billy's value in historical terms has been increased, not just because it's the world's third oldest, but because it feels like we have George Stephenson's signature on it.
In historical terms, the shootings at schools and nightclubs are footnotes to the slaughter of millions of innocents worldwide by tyrannical regimes that earlier had foisted gun control on citizens.
While the figures have increased, statisticians claim these rates remain low in historical terms, with 6,313 infant deaths being recorded in 1986.
While the figures have increased, statisticians say rates remain low in historical terms, with 6,313 infant deaths in 1986.
While the figures have increased overall statisticians claim these rates remain low in historical terms, with 6,313 infant deaths being recorded in 1986.
Chairman ZvizdiA said that Austria was important for BiH in every respect, in economic, political, cultural and historical terms. He said that for a number of years the Austrian companies were the biggest investors in Bosnia and Herzegovina and expressed the expectation that this positive trend will be maintained, the BiH Council of Ministers said.

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