New France

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New France:

see CanadaCanada
, independent nation (2001 pop. 30,007,094), 3,851,787 sq mi (9,976,128 sq km), N North America. Canada occupies all of North America N of the United States (and E of Alaska) except for Greenland and the French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon.
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New France

the former French colonies and possessions in North America, most of which were lost to England and Spain by 1763: often restricted to the French possessions in Canada
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Traditional" Political History of New France Eccles, The Canadian Frontier, chapters 7 and 8
The generally thoughtful and accurate text tries to sample widely from the social history of New France, Newfoundland, and British North America both before and after the American Revolution.
For those interested in the history of New France, Joseph Peyser's Letters from New France is a valuable addition to the literature with its eclectic blend of previously untranslated archival documents.
France was not as concerned about the theology of missionary activity, and the history of New France is filled with petty squabbles rather than grand disputations such as the one between Las Casas and Sepulveda at Valladolid.

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