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history painting,

the painting of scenes from classical and Christian history and mythology. It was taught in the academies of artacademies of art,
official organizations of established artists. Lorenzo de' Medici's informal circle of great artists and thinkers was modeled on similar groups formed in classical Greece.
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, from the Renaissance to the 19th cent., as the highest form of art in an hierarchical grouping that ranked still-life painting lowest on the list. Included in the category were scenes from contemporary history, such as Velázquez's Surrender at Breda, and commemorative works and apotheoses, such as Rubens's Life of Marie de' Medici. Scenes from antiquity dominated 18th-century painting, and modern subjects were exalted by treating them in classical terms. A modern work cited as falling within the history-painting tradition is Picasso's Guernica.
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At 2.3m wide, The Widow's Mite, painted by the Belgian Frangois-Joseph Navez in 1840, had to be brought in through the window, and is another example of an artist whose critical reputation as a history painter has only recently begun to be reevaluated.
A rare 1790s tea tray, illustrating the dramatic portrayal of Cook's death scene in Hawaii February 1779 as painted by Birmingham history painter Edward Bird RA, has now come on the market and The Captain Cook BirthplaceMusuem in Middlesbrough are desperate to acquire it (Is tray coming home The Gazette 10.07.18).
History painter Shen Jiawei is an artist who was active in ChinaAEs Cultural Revolution.
For a young history painter, a rite of passage in getting oneself noticed was to present at the Salon a grande machine, a tour de force piece that would attract attention in an exhibition crammed with thousands of canvases.
His second apprenticeship was in Amsterdam under the tutelage of history painter Pieter Lastman (1583-1633).
Later, he was apprenticed to Leiden history painter, Jacob van Swanenburgh, for three years.
Dietrich was born in Wittenberg, Germany, the daughter of Eduard Dietrich (1803-1877), a landscape, architecture and history painter with whom she trained, but little else is known about her life.
"Luc is a history painter for our times," said co-curator Madeleine Grynsztejn of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.
Picasso: Peace and Freedom looks at the artist's political activism and connections with the peace movement, and a new book about Picasso the "history painter" is being published to coincide with the exhibition - available from the Tate shop.
In order of planned start date, the 2009 scholars are Professor Fiona Wheeler (High Court Judges and non-judicial functions); Dr Robert Cribb (state finance in the Indonesian revolution 1945-1949); Dr Tatiana Gabroussenko (North Korean propaganda from 1994 to the present); Professor Kenneth Morgan (the ABC Orchestras); Mr John Arnold (a history of Sun Books); Dr Philip Jones (winner of the 2008 Prime Minister's award for non-fiction: natural history painter George French Angas); and Professor David Carter (Australian-American cultural relations).
In 1841, he traveled to Dusseldorf, Germany, and enrolled himself in the Royal Art Academy as a history painter. He received immediate praise for his works of European subjects and became known internationally.
1450-1516), and to study in Amsterdam under renowned history painter Pieter Lastman, who influenced his choice of biblical and mythologic subjects.

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