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(1) An actor in ancient Rome. For the most part histrions were freedmen. (Only the particularly famous ones were respected.) They formed a troupe headed by an actor who had once been only a troupe member. Originally, they performed without masks, which were introduced in the first century B.C..

(2) A wandering folk actor in the early Middle Ages (ninth-nth centuries). A histrion was simultaneously a storyteller, musician, dancer, singer, and animal trainer. Histrions united into special guilds, from which subsequently circles of amateur actors were sometimes formed. In France histrions were known as jongleurs, in Germany, Spielmänner, in Poland, franty, and in Russia, skomorokhi. They were persecuted by secular and church authorities.


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Sometimes this prevents Cain from engaging with such knotty problems as whether one of the minor characters - never named in the dialogue - is an actor called Histrio or an anonymous figure designated, in Latin, by his profession as an actor: Histrio was Jonson's word, and the question of what it signifies, and whether it should be translated, seems consequently not to arise.
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Historical records and literary texts do not apply these terms consistently, and the Latin, French, and English terms do not seem to correspond perfectly, so that distinguishing a minstrel from a harper, a joculator, a disour, a jongleur, or a histrio is not always possible, though each of these terms refer to different types of performance.
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