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This latest book by British historian and biographer Andrew Roberts compares the leadership styles of Hitler and Churchill, mostly as opposed and at odds as the actual leaders were.
In 1938, a year of triumph for Hitler and his Hungarian sympathizers, Lukacs's mother enrolled him in a school in England, where he continued the love affair with the English and their language that he had begun at home.
Shores intriguing book examines the archived papers of several important Nazi-era diplomats and foreign policy officials in an effort w piece together how well informed Hitler was--or wasn't--about Germany's foreign adversaries in the period leading up to World War II and how, in at least one case, that may have accelerated the oncoming war.
Which means, if he WAS living in Toxteth, Hitler - apart from being the most-hated man in history - was one cheeky and ungrateful so and so.
When Hitler talked about yearning to have "absolute exclusivity" with a childhood friend, August Kubizek, Machtan writes that such language "would do justice to a love affair.
Solomon offered his opinion that under Hitler the Jews reaped what they had sown.
Hitler's Pope: The Secret History of Plus XII by John Cornwell (Viking) is critical of Pius' attitude and behavior toward Germany and Hitler.
Spears in his biography, says that Hitler liked to be kicked by American movie stars.
A picture titled 'The Old City Hall' that was painted by Adolf Hitler is displayed in an auction house <Bin Nuremberg, Germany
In terms of physical appearance, Putin has less hair on his head than Hitler.
Two years before the Luftwaffe bombarded Henry's home town of Coventry in 1940, killing more than 560 souls, the 49-year-old discovered that HE was the man who had let Hitler get away.
In India, the Hitler led a massacre in Godhra and became a dictator in Gujarat.