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see Sanskrit literatureSanskrit literature,
literary works written in Sanskrit constituting the main body of the classical literature of India. Introduction

The literature is divided into two main periods—the Vedic (c.1500–c.200 B.C.
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Ayam nijaH paro veti gaNanaa laghuchetasaam udaaracharitam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam" (This is my own and that is a stranger -- that is the calculation of the narrow-minded; for the magnanimous hearts, however, the entire earth is but a family -- Hitopadesa, chapter 3, p.
It is essential, likewise, to establish how other fable-narrative traditions down the ages like those evolving with the Pancatantra and its recension the Hitopadesa contribute yet another important link to the history of the Indian narrative tradition, where niti (policy) evolves as the third important strand influencing the thought, content and style of narration.
Satyanarayana dasa, Hitopadesa (Faridabad, India: Jiva Institute, 1997), 20-21.
In India the Hitopadesa ("Good Advice"), composed by Narayana in the 12th century and circulated mostly in Bengal, appears to be an independent treatment of the Panca-tantra material.