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Firstly, if Adah was Basemath daughter of Elon the Hittite, why is she listed as first among Esau's wives in Genesis 36, but second in Genesis 26?
The Hittites lived in what is now modern Turkey and Northern Syria, and their empire - which flourished from 1600 to 1200BC - was the chief power and cultural force in Western Asia.
Sarah Stamper in a nomad's tent The bombed-out Hittite Gallery at Liverpool City Museum, May, 1941 Sarah Stamper, from the University of Liverpool, examines a black and white photograph of Professor John Garstang''s actual dig in Turkey, which forms part of the Lost World of The Hittite Empire, recreated at the Victoria Gallery and Museum Picture: JAMES MALONEY/ jm260511lostworld-4
Bryce is to be commended for repeatedly emphasizing the fact that the enemy whom the Hittites spent most of their time fighting was not one of the well-known Great Kingdoms, but the decentralized Kaska, located just to the north of the Hittite capital.
Focusing on Anatolian solar deities in Old Hittite and Middle Hittite texts, Steitler takes a diachronic approach to Hittite religion that encompasses the religion of the Old Hittite, and the early and late Empire periods.
Comprising Sumerian, Akkadian, and Hittite cuneiform sources from the third to the first millennium B.
Hittite Microwave devices include highly integrated components, development platforms and modules.
Blood expiation in Hittite and biblical ritual; origins, context, and meaning.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- An archeological excavation is set to begin at an ancient Hittite site located in the Derende district of Malatya province, according to Malatya Governor Ulvi Saran.
Hittite Microwave Corporation has introduced the first product in the new Automatic Gain Control product line.
It recreates the time when Liverpool university professor John Garstang was working with TE Lawrence - later the soldier Lawrence of Arabia - researching the ancient Hittite civilisation in modern Turkey.