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A Japanese envoy from Hizen had requested a copy of a work identified only as Yomsong [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
With its roots in the Far East, original Imari ware was made in the town of Arita in the Hizen Province of Japan.
166), displayed in the Museum of trade ceramics, is not Dai Viet but Japanese Hizen ware.
21) For example, one tsuchigumo named Omimi in the district of Matsuura of Hizen Province promised to give food to the emperor a tribute (Uegaki 335-336), another tsuchigumo called Utsuhiomaro in Sonoki district of the same province even saved an imperial ship (Uegagi 345).
NEC is delighted to add Kagoor's VoiceFlow series to our VoIP product portfolio," said Norinao Hizen, Assistant General Manager, Integration Services Division, Broadband Operations Unit of NEC.
Friday on the JR Nagasaki Line between Hizen Nagata and Oe stations.
Kagoor's VoiceFlow addresses the security and NAT issues that KCN faced in rolling out its new cable IP telephony solution," said Norinao Hizen, Assistant General Manager, Network Systems Division of NEC.