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Initially, Hmong people had little control over the films made about them.
Unlike the Western perspective that life is a journey with a beginning and an end, traditional Hmong people believe life is a continuous journey (Culture Care Connection, 2008).
The Hmong people became the target of violent reprisals from the new government.
Though some scholars use the term "Miao" as synonymous with "Hmong," Lee shows that "Miao" is actually a general Chinese word for barbarian that has been applied to Hmong people by scholars and colonizing powers.
We can see this particularly in the titles of the shows, such as Hmong in the 21st Century, Men and Women Nowadays, and If There Is No Tomorrow, which broadly address the way that Hmong people see themselves and their lives in relation to the past and the future.
The official view is clearly filtered through and reinforced by many Vietnamese scholars who argue that the Hmong people, with their extreme 'economic poverty' (ngheo doi), their socio-cultural 'backwardness' (doi song van hoa xa hoi con lac hau), and 'superstitious mentality' (dau oc con day me tin di doan), are 'lured' (hi loi dung) into following a religion foreign to their cosmology and beyond their comprehension.
funds and munitions went to the Hmong people under the leadership of (,28804,2101745_2102136_2102247,00.html) Vang Pao , the highest-ranking Hmong citizen in the royalist Lao government.
A Hmong consultant also indicated that some Hmong people don't like to talk too much, "So silence is okay." However, she added that, "...
''We also found that the Hmong people have better lives in their homeland...The deportation is based on Thailand's good intention, and we have to follow the law,'' he said.
FITCHBURG - Thousands of people from the Hmong population across the country gathered at Saima Park for the Hmong New Year Festival this weekend and to remember the sacrifices the Hmong people made for the United States during the Vietnam War.
Bruce Pamperin for his support and guidance, as well as for sharing his passion for the Hmong people.