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A Scheme to C compiler by Tanel Tammet <tammet@cs.chalmers.se>. Hobbit attempts to retain most of the original Scheme program structure, making the output C program readable and modifiable. Hobbit is written in Scheme and is able to self-compile. Hobbit release 1 works together with the scm release scm4b3. Future releases of scm and hobbit will be coordinated.

Latest version: release 2.



High order bit. The most significant bit (of a byte). Also known as the meta bit or high bit.


A microprocessor from AT&T that was used in a variety of portable devices. It is no longer made.
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html) may have suffered from a deformity like microcephaly, researchers now say hobbits may have in fact descended from larger ancestors and shrunk over generations of coping with meager resources on the island.
Hobbits vanished about 50,000 years ago from Liang Bua Cave on Flores, an island situated between Borneo and Australia's northern coast, say archaeologist Thomas Sutikna of the University of Wollongong in Australia and colleagues.
Owners Carol Hopkinson and Karl Wragg have stuck closely to Tolkien's description of the underground hobbit holes, which became recognisable following the release of the boxoffice record breaking films.
Andy Serkis, who appeared as Gollum in the first movie in the Hobbit series, was also at the event.
THUMBS up for The Hobbit - that's the verdict of fans who saw the World Premiere screening at Cineworld Broad Street.
Our facial approximation is primarily based on verified, peer reviewed research regarding the relationship between the skull and its soft tissues," the study led by Susan Hayes of Australia's University of Wollongong, written with her colleagues, Thomas Sutikna and the recently deceased Mike Morwood, leaders of the original hobbit discovery team, said.
But in The Hobbit per se, Gandalf is more of a life-coach, specializing in the counseling of dwarves and hobbits in midcourse who have lost their patrimony (in Bilbo's case, actually, the inheritance from his Took mother).
But the main theme of the day was a journey to Middle Earth to enjoy the non-stop reading of The Hobbit.
However, the experience of making The Hobbit Trilogy became equally special to all of us.
IN THE season of coughs and colds, there's one bug I'll successfully avoid catching - Hobbit fever.
Summary: The cast of The Hobbit arrive in Wellington in a specially painted plane, ahead of the film's world premiere in the city.