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(hôd`mĕzövä'shärhā), city (1991 est. pop. 51,180), SE Hungary, near the Tisza River. An agricultural center, it also produces machinery, textiles, and pottery. The city has many churches.



a city in southeastern Hungary, in the megye (county) of Csongrád. Population, 55,000 (1976). The city is a transportation junction. Industry includes food processing and the production of textiles, ceramic ware, and scales.

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The result was a shock for Fidesz's supporters, particularly because Hodmezovasarhely is home to key Orban ally Janos Lazar, who heads the prime minister's office.
VI) has rejected a call by the Hungarian city of Hodmezovasarhely to share losses on the town's foreign-currency debt.
I was pleasantly surprised at how adequately the announcer pronounces the names of such Hungarian cities as Hodmezovasarhely or Nyiregyhaza in Bookshelf '93, and it is impressive that Microsoft hired native speakers to record a few greetings and proverbs for many of the country entries in Encarta.