Hoernes, Moritz

Hoernes, Moritz


Born Jan. 29, 1852, in Vienna; died there July 10, 1917. Austrian historian of primitive society.

Hoernes worked as an archaeologist in various parts of Austria-Hungary, but particularly in Bosnia and Hercegovina. He developed the typological method, and his particular achievement was classifying the articles of the Hallstatt burial grounds. Hoernes’ major work, which is still considered significant, is The History of Primitive Imitative Arts in Europe From Their Beginnings to 500 B.C.. (1898).


Natur- und Urgeschichte des Menschen, vols. 1-2. Warsaw-Leipzig, 1909.
In Russian translation:
Istoriia pervobytnogo chelovechestva. Moscow, 1896. (Translated from German.)
Pervobytnaia kul’tura, vols. 1-3. Riga, 1914. (Translated from German.)