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Hogan’s Heroes

incarcerated in Stalag 13, unlikeliest of POW camps. [TV: Terrace, I, 357–358]
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The picture showed Garthwait donning the military uniform 6 with swastikas on his sleeves - at a fraternity event with "Hogan's Heroes" TV show theme, as he posed with a group of friends.
After appearing in a number of TV productions, including Doctors, Hogan's Heroes and Sparkling Cyanide, Rogers made a stage comeback as Jessie Matthews in the 2003 West End production of Over My Shoulder.
To those objectors, it's worth pointing out that the themes and characters of Little Women are so sturdy and timeless that not even William Shatner's wild stab at a German accent by way of Hogan's Heroes -- he played Professor Bhaer, Jo's love interest and a problematic figure among many Little Women devotees, in a 1978 miniseries adaptation -- can derail its impact.
Lee has fronted his own band for years, but prior to that he was also an integral part of Head, Hands and Feat, Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, Hogan's Heroes and Eric Clapton's band.
If the events weren't well-documented history, you'd think they were invented for a Hogan's Heroes episode.
INSPIRING Jack Crane in Hogan's Heroes The survival rate for these guys was one in 10.
One such 30-minute series is 'Hogan's Heroes,' a comedy satire aired in the late '60s when I was in college.
A lifetime of touring, performing and recording followed with the likes of Dave Edmunds, Kirsty MacColl, Van Morrison, Dion, Kim Wilson, Graham Parker, Albert Lee and Hogan's Heroes, Shakin Stevens and Steve Cropper to name but a few.
He played Schultz, a Nazi prison guard in the American sitcom Hogan's Heroes from 1965 to 1971 and was an immense favourite with the viewing public.
Of the latter, he has had a long-running association with Hogan's Heroes. The Grammy-winning guitarist has a host of other awards to his name but probably more importantly is the respect he has from other musicians, many of them ace-pickers themselves.