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Sistema Unidades Denudacao Superficies Regionais de Aplainamento (SRA) Zonas de Erosao Recuante (ZER) Colinas e Morros (MC) Hogbacks (HB) Braquianticlinais (BQ) Formas Domicas (DM) Pseudo-domos (PSD) Relevos tabulares (RT) Relevos Carsticos (*) Planicies Fluviais (PF) Planicies Fluviais meandriformes (PFm) Agradacao Terracos (T) Lacustres (LA) Tabela 2 - Exemplo da compartimentacao altimetrica das Superficies Regionais de Aplainamento segundo.
We watched a flock of birds soaring above the hogbacks, riding updrafts created by the sloping ridges.
Golden eagles and prairie falcons nest in the area and can be seen soaring above the hogbacks, and summertime skies are filled with swallows, sparrows, hummingbirds and magpies.
A limestone quarry in one of the hogbacks, on the northeastern side of Port-Daniel, exposes a dense network of NNE-striking brittle fault planes with minor N-striking fault planes affecting both the limestone of the La Vieille Formation and the red clastic rocks within the karsts (Fig.
Imagine, then, our excitement as we prepared to nail the mighty Hogbacks without benefit of daylight: an excitement that I managed to convey to Lester Reigle in the borrowing of his toboggan, leaving for deposit my solemn oath to return said property as good as new.
Our triumphant yells could easily have informed all of Richfield Center that their brave boys had conquered the mighty Hogbacks. At night.