mts, Africa: see SaharaSahara
[Arab.,=desert], world's largest desert, c.3,500,000 sq mi (9,065,000 sq km), N Africa; the western part of a great arid zone that continues into SW Asia. Extending more than 3,000 mi (4,830 km), from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea, the Sahara is bounded on the N by
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The preliminary activities ahead of the 2018 Miss Universe finale are underway Bangkok, Thailand and Ghana's Ekpene Diata Hoggar has hogged some global attention to herself following Monday's National Costume contest.
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The ratio of oxide to total iron is estimated to be higher for Bodele and Hoggar than for Mali sources (Formenti et al.
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One study evaluated the antimicrobial effect of methanolic extract of Algerian Hoggar Salvadora Persica (miswak) on some oral microorganisms isolated from dental plaque such as Streptococcus and Escherichia.
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The twin peaks of Tezouai in the Hoggar Mountains in the central Sahara are actually the cores of old volcanoes from which the surrounding rock has been stripped away Hidden in the nearby valleys are isolated oases that support rare Saharan species, including cypresses, gazelles and cheetahs