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town (1990 pop. 14,628), Worcester co., central Mass., a residential suburb of Worcester; settled 1723, set off and inc. 1741. Manufactures include electrical and metal products, plastics, and machinery.
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The natural and rational gauge and measure of respectability, the commonly accepted standards being artificial, arbitrary and fallacious; for, as "Sir Sycophas Chrysolater" in the play has justly remarked, "the true use and function of property (in whatsoever it consisteth -- coins, or land, or houses, or merchant- stuff, or anything which may be named as holden of right to one's own subservience) as also of honors, titles, preferments and place, and all favor and acquaintance of persons of quality or ableness, are but to get money.
Our eyes are holden that we cannot see things that stare us in the face, until the hour arrives when the mind is ripened; then we behold them, and the time when we saw them not is like a dream.
Likewise, there were articles to carry, which required to be considered and discussed, and in reference to the adjustment and disposition of which, councils had to be holden by the Carrier and the senders: at which Boxer usually assisted, in short fits of the closest attention, and long fits of tearing round and round the assembled sages and barking himself hoarse.
visits Holden in the hospital suggests his desire to help--to save, in a sense--his younger brother, but in receiving Holden's Ichthys story, it is D.
Holden, GM's Australian subsidiary; has quickly become the company to emulate.
BRANCHING BANTU Clare Janaki Holden, an anthropologist at University College London in England, has used the phylogenetic method to produce a tree of 75 Bantu languages, which are spoken in the southern half of Africa.
The most important reason for adding Coppelia now was to take advantage of the talents of Stanley Holden, a respected Los Angeles teacher and former principal character dancer with The Royal Ballet.
When straight comic-book artist Holden (Affleck) falls in love with lesbian Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams), Holden's professional partner, Banky (Jason Lee), is immediately threatened.
In the book, respected author Anthony Holden will denounce the Prince he has been close to for nearly two decades.
Yorkshire Ambulance Service employee Matthew D Holden is accused of obtaining the woman's phone number and having sex with her after finishing his shift.
Dallas, TX, February 18, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Alecia Holden, daughter of Holden Productions founder Tony Holden and Tina Holden is a member of Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty 2.
Holden a LTC was not arbitrary, capricious, or an abuse of my authority,'' Chief Gemme said Wednesday in an emailed comment.