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1. land held under a lease and used for agriculture or similar purposes
2. property to which the holder has legal title, such as land, stocks, shares, and other investments
3. Sport the obstruction of an opponent with the hands or arms, esp in boxing

What does it mean when you dream about holding something?

A dreaming emphasizing holding can have a multitude of meanings. We can hold things as an act of protection, ownership, as an act of control (“holding our breath”), intimacy, or responsibility. So one has to determine which meaning of holding is being expressed in the dream.

References in classic literature ?
It was some time before either I or the captain seemed to gather our senses, but at length, and about at the same moment, I released his wrist, which I was still holding, and he drew in his hand and looked sharply into the palm.
Surely, dear brother," he continued, holding out his hand, "you have a warmer greeting than this for me.
I have sought you everywhere, dear Lady Maude," said he in a piping voice, springing down from his horse and holding the stirrup.
Part 225--Bank Holding Companies and Change in Bank Control (Regulation Y)
If the debt is placed on Target's books as an intercompany payable to Holding, the tax agency might argue that the debt is part of Target's capital base.
I have nothing against holding hands to pray if you want.
At the time of the AJCA's enactment, most commentators and tax professionals were of the opinion that the AJCA provisions as originally written applied only to banks and not to bank holding companies.
In addition, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council will be discussing bank capital requirements on equity investments, a discussion that will, of course, be considered in the Board's final decision on holding company capital requirements on these assets.
It brusquely observed that its holding in the earlier case had not been modified in the intervening 25 years and that the legislature had not seen fit to reverse it by changing the statute.
The proposed SOP also recommends the net of revenues and expenses related to operating or holding foreclosed assets held for sale be credited or charged to income.