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1. land held under a lease and used for agriculture or similar purposes
2. property to which the holder has legal title, such as land, stocks, shares, and other investments
3. Sport the obstruction of an opponent with the hands or arms, esp in boxing

What does it mean when you dream about holding something?

A dreaming emphasizing holding can have a multitude of meanings. We can hold things as an act of protection, ownership, as an act of control (“holding our breath”), intimacy, or responsibility. So one has to determine which meaning of holding is being expressed in the dream.

References in classic literature ?
It was some time before either I or the captain seemed to gather our senses, but at length, and about at the same moment, I released his wrist, which I was still holding, and he drew in his hand and looked sharply into the palm.
Surely, dear brother," he continued, holding out his hand, "you have a warmer greeting than this for me.
"I have sought you everywhere, dear Lady Maude," said he in a piping voice, springing down from his horse and holding the stirrup.
Protected Holding remaining in Novo Banco: [euro]100,000
The FAA's Instrument Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-15B) makes it sound easy: "Holding is a predetermined maneuver that keeps (an] aircraft within a specified airspace while awaiting further clearance from ATC." Holding is a basic skill we all demonstrate on our practical test for the instrument rating.
Forbes Turkey, launched in October 2005, is published in cooperation with Turkuvaz Gazete Dergi Basim A.S., a division of Calik Holding A.S., in Turkey.
Inc., Seattle, parent holding company, Pacific Northwest Title Holding Co., was acquired by First American Title Insurance Co.
The uniform agreement's classification categories also apply to the classification of assets held by the subsidiaries of banks and bank holding companies.
The arrestee had been admitted to a county jail and was placed in a temporary holding cell near the intake desk.
Sahoo, CANMET/MTL, discussed AFS research to investigate the effect of holding an iron melt over an extended time period on the nucleation potential of the iron (02-158).
(No election is needed to qualify for the 8% rate as the holding period for assets qualifying for that rate began prior to January 1, 2001.)
There are no silver bullets for improving corporate governance, but evidence is mounting that one factor matters a great deal: the equity holdings of outside directors.