holding pattern

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holding pattern

[′hōld·iŋ ‚pad·ərn]
A course over which an aircraft is instructed to fly repeatedly while waiting for clearance to land.

holding procedure

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Typical procedure on an ILS outer marker.
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Typical procedure at intersection of VOR radials.
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Typical procedure at DME Fix.
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Standard pattern.
A predetermined maneuver which keeps the aircraft within a specified airspace while awaiting further clearances (ICAO). It is generally a racetrack-type pattern in which all turns may be left or right hand. This is indicated in standard arrival route charts. Holding patterns normally are based around a fix or a navigational aid. Also called a holding pattern.


Typical radiation pattern of a radar.
i. A flight pattern that an aircraft must follow when approaching for landing and when leaving the airport after takeoff.
ii. Radiation of the transmitting aerial as plotted on a diagram of the field strength for each bearing.
iii. A shape traced out on the ground by the track of the aircraft while following certain procedures, such as making the circuit, making procedure turns, while holding, and while carrying out demonstrations. See circuit and holding pattern.
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Had it been by anyone without his public profile, Holding Patterns is unlikely to ever have been released at all - there's nothing here that hasn't been done before, and better, by at least 100 indie bands.
Holding patterns and hold pattern entries take some mental bandwidth, but there are a few techniques you can use to reduce the workload.
This has been a fairly remedial look at holding patterns. I'm getting more and more questions about holding patterns from experienced pilots, however, and see a lot of the same mistakes made by high-time IFR fliers when I fly with them for the first time.
Making a lap around a holding pattern every six months might keep you legal.
The entire holding pattern must remain northeast of V20, which implies a left turn.
The crew was practicing instrument holding patterns as part of an instrument proficiency check.
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Departing aircraft were held on the ground and some in the air were told to maintain holding patterns.
In all cases, the direction to turn is either indicated by the barbed arrow or to the side of the final approach course where the holding pattern is depicted.
That leaves me to believe there is no 70-degree line that has anything to do with the geometry of the holding pattern in both the FAA and ICAO systems.