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In telegraph practice, a device for punching code signals in paper tape for application to a tape transmitter.



a prehistoric tool in the form of a pointed stick made of wood or bone. The upper portion is either thickened or shaped into a figure and sometimes has an opening for hanging. During the Stone Age, the perforator was used to make holes for sewing skins; later, it was also used to decorate clay vessels. As the use of iron spread, bone and wood perforators were replaced by the metal awl.

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Not that I would criticise - despite my hole punch ownership being almost accidental, I am a big believer in the healing power of stationery.
Make a single hole punch in each side of the circle shape.
ADD a fun twist to the filing with this single hole punch from Bureau which gives a choice of dinosaur, heart, Scotty dog or teddy bear shaped holes.
Bin liner or foil wrapping paper; two thin bamboo canes or long bamboo skewers; ruler for measuring and then for the handle; acrylic paints and brushes or pens; scissors; string; sticky tape; Stanley knife; hole punch
Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of the sun catcher.
Use a hole punch to make two white paper circles for eyes.
The e-STUDIO202L/232/282 saves time by providing numerous document-finishing options, including a single-position finisher, or an optional multi-position stapling finisher with saddle stitch capabilities and optional hole punch.
Using a hole punch, make a hole at the top of the circle.
Use a hole punch to punch four evenly spaced holes around the rims of two plastic cups.