Holger Pedersen

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Pedersen, Holger


Born Apr. 7, 1867, in Gjelballe, near Kolding, Jutland; died Oct. 25, 1953, in Copenhagen. Danish linguist.

Pedersen graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 1890 and became a professor there in 1903, serving as chairman of the university’s subdepartment of comparative grammar from 1914 to 1937. He was a specialist in the comparative and historical study of Indo-European languages and in comparative and historical linguistics. His authoritative works based on comparative phonology and morphology dealt with such Indo-European languages as Celtic, Hitto-Luwian, Albanian, Armenian, To-charian, and Slavic, as well as with the Semitic and Finno-Ugric languages. Pedersen cited significant consonantal correspondences to justify his theory of the Nostratic kinship of languages.

He is the author of a work on the development of comparative linguistics in the 19th century.


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