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Simon Sandford, director of Healthbox CIC, said: "All the trainee counsellors have to achieve a minimum of 100 hours of client work, meaning we can offer a bespoke, open-ended, holistic approach, whilst helping trainees reach qualified counsellor status.
Critique: Impressively informed and informative, "Reducing Your Cancer Risk: An Holistic Approach" will prove to be of special and enduring value for both medical students and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject.
The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa hotel manager Ammar Samad said that while pre-opening, the hotel looked at the new classification system and felt that it is a "holistic approach to consistency".
Of course, a holistic approach to health requires the right education, and we make providing that education a key part of our business."
The final Group race of the 2016 season has brought together some interesting juveniles and none more so than Holistic Approach.
But, in the hope Holistic Approach, right, has stepped forward significantly since his debut, he gets the vote to confirm the Curragh form.
This workshop is designed to provide holistic approach for water infrastructure management that supports the three key aspects of asset management: performance, sustainability (stressed environment) and resiliency (catastrophic events).
The article, 'Constructivism: A Holistic Approach to Teaching and Learning' by Janet Giesen, Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center, Northern Illinois University, offers constructivism as a learning theory.
This is why I like the principles of the holistic approach. The holistic approach taught me and my father how we wanted our sons and family to live.
She advocates a holistic approach to feminist and queer movements, which she described in an interview with Persephone Magazine in 2013:
3 TRY THE HOLISTIC APPROACH: The National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that some holistic training techniques could improve fitness.