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(mechanical engineering)
An elongate tube with a central mid-feather and a cylindrical beater roll; formerly used for stock preparation in paper manufacture.



an apparatus of periodic action used for beating fibrous materials in paper production. The machine was first used in Holland at the turn of the 18th century. A hollander consists of a tank with a volume of 3–18 cu m. The tank is divided into two parts, or channels. A drum equipped with cutting blades is installed in one of the channels; a bedplate of beater bars is mounted under the drum. When the watery suspension (slurry), which contains 3–7 percent fibrous material, passes between the bars of the bedplate and the rotating drum, the material is beaten and transferred by the drum bars through the backfall to the other channel. From this channel the material flows by gravity back to the drum.

Hollanders are used for the manufacture of several types of thin paper. The pulp-and-paper industry is replacing hollanders with more productive continuous-action machines, such as conical and disk refining mills.

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Esta interpretacion tiene relacion con la propuesta de Hollaender Jensen (2005) acerca de las diferencias entre <<tu>> y <<yo>>.
In the last three months of using the Dross Boss at Hollaender, Terry Smith, metalcasting operations manager, said the facility has recovered 9,000 lbs.
Friedrich Hollaender, one of Germany's jazz pioneers in the 1920s, reminds us that Germans used to pronounce the word jazz as ja:s: "Jass
Hollaender, who wrote the score for The Blue Angel, including the song always associated with Marlene Dietrich, Falling in Love Again, emigrated to Los Angeles in the early 1930s and enjoyed success in Hollywood.
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Tenders are invited for All fittings and pipe are to be Hollaender or equal, manufactured of high tensile aluminum magnesium alloy.