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Ogden and his brother, Thomas Ludlow Ogden, both powerful New York attorneys, had previously been lawyers for the Holland Land Company, which had indirectly bought the lion's share of western New York State from the Six Nations at the Treaty of Big Tree in 1797.
Also present was Joseph Ellicott, chief surveyor and resident agent for the Holland Land Company, the largest single landowner in the area.
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Famous for being the first to use transit lines to establish townships and property boundaries, Holland Land Company surveyors ran a transit line east to west through the property.
Eventually, the Holland Land Company holdings were divided and sold to early settlers in long, narrow parcels.
The research is impressive, including local newspapers, manuscript collections (such as the DeWitt Clinton Collection, the Martin Van Buren Papers, and the Holland Land Company Records), published letters and memoirs, state documents, and a wide variety of secondary sources.

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