Hollins, George Nichols

Hollins, George Nichols,

1799–1878, American naval officer, b. Baltimore. His active career spanned the years from the War of 1812, in which he served under Decatur, to the end of the Civil War, in which he fought for the Confederacy. In 1854, while commanding the Cyane, he shelled San Juan del NorteSan Juan del Norte
, small town, SE Nicaragua, on the Caribbean Sea. Small quantities of bananas and hardwoods are exported. Also called Greytown, it was occupied (1848) by the British to secure control of the Mosquito Coast and to check the U.S.
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, Nicaragua, in retaliation for attacks on American life and property. With a few hastily assembled vessels, he defeated part of the Union blockading squadron of the Mississippi in Oct., 1861. Hollins commanded Confederate naval forces in the heavy fighting on the upper Mississippi in 1862.