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10) Meanwhile, other approaches can be placed in the remaining two holons in the series.
Depending upon this intelligence degree encapsulated in the high level, the holons can have:
As part of the study experiment, in order to analyse what happens during the proposed manufacturing process, we used the holon concept (Cristea & Abrudan, 2007).
In order to enable holons to dynamically change their roles, we define a notion of satisfaction.
From an integral perspective (paradoxically), each holon is valued equally at the same time that more complex holons are acknowledged as, in my terms, having the potential for broader/deeper resources.
Holon is a combination of the Greek work holos, meaning whole, and the suffix on meaning particle or part.
It is not organized hierarchically but has a shared value system, with each holon capable of exhibiting the characteristics of the whole network.
21-22) holons share two capacities: Agency or autonomy, and communion or dependence on any level:
After studying the above showed network, one can observe that we are dealing with 7 holons.
However, let us first take a brief look at the system of holons itself.
Secondly, the same relatively small set of general systems principles is applied to many levels of human systems hierarchical organization including individuals, groups, families, social networks and organizations, which, as holons (Koestler, 1967) interact (Baum, 1984) and thus have a nonlinear (multiplicative) effect (Paritsis, 1989).
They are also in co-operation with other holons to fulfil their mutual goals.