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In 2011 he won the Holstein UK Premier Pedigree Herd Competition.
2008) reported that F1 Holstein x Jersey cows had fewer days open (127 d versus 150 d) and a greater percentage of cows pregnant by 150 d postpartum (75% versus 59%) than pure Holstein cows.
The comparison analysis in the Holstein breed was done by comparing means of each one of the groups: primiparous and multiparous, independently for all the evaluated traits.
Desde esta perspectiva, la Exposicion Holstein de La Ceja se convirtio en un mecanismo destinado a la difusion de las mejoras geneticas de las haciendas de la region y de las tecnicas de gestion necesarias para su reproduccion, ademas de articular las necesidades de los distintos hacendados, productores rurales, empresas proveedoras de insumos y entidades gremiales.
The judge will be James Strachan, of Rendham Holsteins, Suffolk.
The money raised by the egg sale will go to young breeders in the Border & Lakeland and Scottish Holstein clubs.
Holstein Canada had been studying the amalgamation proposal for 18 months during which time the two companies shared the same C.
In part two, Holstein offers tour case studies of cities and regions that have created ecosystems of the future, which he describes as "the pattern of interactions among multiple players in the private sector, government, and education" and "are dependent on personalities and politics.
Holstein received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Anderson University, Anderson, Ind.
ASDA has decided to use Holstein dairy cattle in the program rather than other breeds such as Red Devon and Aberdeen Angus females, partly because the latter two are more valuable for pure breeding than Holsteins.
The Trustees are a key part of the Foundation's team," said Jodi Hoynoski, Holstein Foundation's programs manager.