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in the Bible. 1 Boat of NoahNoah
[Heb.,=to rest], in the Bible, the builder of the ark. Righteous Noah and his family were the only people God saved from a world sunk in sin. At divine direction Noah built the ship that saved human and animal life from the Deluge, after which God established a covenant
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, which he built at God's command to preserve his family and certain creatures from the DelugeDeluge
, in the Bible, the overwhelming flood that covered the earth and destroyed every living thing except the family of Noah and the creatures in his ark. Archaeology has yielded little trace of the biblical flood, but some oceanographers and geophysicists have speculated
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. 2 Ark of the Covenant, the sacred wooden chest of the Hebrews, representative of God or identified with Him. It was overlaid with gold inside and out and was always heavily veiled; the high priest alone could look upon its uncovered surface. Especially guarded, it was carried about by staves thrust through rings on its side, for to touch it was a profanation punished by death. Uzza, while escorting the Ark, inadvertently broke this law and so lost his life. As its presence implied victory, it accompanied the warriors into battle, where once it was captured by the Philistines. Restored after many years, the Ark found a resting place in Solomon's Temple.


An ornamental, enclosed repository in a synagogue for the scrolls of the Torah.


the vessel that Noah built and in which he saved himself, his family, and a number of animals and birds during the Flood (Genesis 6--9)


1. the cupboard at the front of a synagogue, usually in the eastern wall, in which the Torah scrolls are kept
2. the most sacred symbol of God's presence among the Hebrew people, carried in their journey from Sinai to the Promised Land (Canaan) and eventually enshrined in the holy of holies of the Temple in Jerusalem
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We first heard of these lyric poems of adoration being sung twice daily before a Holy Ark which contained the word of God and an intimation of His abiding Presence.
Channel 10 published photographs of the impromptu massage room that depicted massage tables set up in front of and in close proximity to the Holy Ark, as well as in other corners of the room.
Some people would pay even NIS 36,000 (roughly $10,000) for the right to open the Holy Ark.
org that when they opened the Holy Ark that was damaged by bullet shots they found the Torah scroll inside riddled with bullets as well.
Uri Karzen, a Hebron resident, reported that a Kohen, who recites the priestly blessings during the Sabbath morning service, told him he smelled urine next to the Holy Ark containing Torah scrolls.
The walls, which had been sprayed with swastikas and blasphemy, have been newly painted, the floor polished and the curtain covering the Holy Ark replaced.
The vandals painted swastikas on the Holy Ark, floor and signs of the synagogue.
In an inquiry into the incident the police found that the two men in their 40s argued over the right to open the Holy Ark during the Morning Prayer.
Vendyl Jones, to uncover the Holy Ark of the Covenant.