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Holy Ghost:

see Holy SpiritHoly Spirit
or Holy Ghost
[ghost, i.e., spirit, a translation of Gr. pneuma=breath, air], in Christian doctrine, the third person of the Trinity.
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30, the restaurant was taken over by staff members and families from Holy Ghost who served freshly prepared meals to students and their families.
DiNardo appeared at an open house at Holy Ghost Preparatory School in October, despite not being invited.
The congregation dwindled so much that in 2009 the church was closed, but on a bright Sunday this summer, Holy Ghost was alive again.
Holy Ghost was also one of the bestselling brands in Middlesbrough's Psyche store over Christmas.
A contempo nativity story in which the Holy Ghost seenfingly impregnates a Mormon girl through a cover of Jack LeelBlondie's tune, "Hanging on the Telephone," "Electrick Children" reps a sweet slice of indie quirk Although the script for writer-helmer Rebecca Thomas' debut feature feels as if it's been overworked by one too many screenwriting workshops, confident helming and a charming young cast, especially lead Julia Garner, make pic as the irresistibly fizzy as a sachet of Pop Rocks.
tongue scared me, for that was how I saw it--not the Holy Ghost speaking
Thee, Holy Ghost, nor least though third, whose love
If the Holy Ghost impregnated Mary, wouldn't that make Jesus divine on His father's side and human on His mother's?
With flawless production values, their new CD "Lagos By Bus" features nine outstanding tracks that include: Virgin of the Son God (5:00); White Elephant (3:34); Holy Ghost Invasion (1:55); Bus Drive (7:39); Ago Mado (1:33); Ochun Mi (6:25); Every Day (7:09); Agayu (6:21); and World Under Fire (7:50).
His widow, Mary, was led into his funeral at the Holy Ghost Roman Catholic Church in Luton - the venue for their 2005 wedding - by parish priest Monsignor Kevin McGinnell.
Simply, Hampl is an artist in search of inspiration, even as she makes light of her quest: "The big bearded Primary Cause and his timepiece may have stopped ticking for us, Jesus may have become 'historical,' but the Holy Ghost is still aloft.
The traditional trinity expresses God as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and that Jesus Christ had two natures--fully God and fully Man--when he walked the earth.