Holy Land

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Holy Land:

see PalestinePalestine
, historic region on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, at various times comprising parts of modern Israel, the West Bank and Gaza (recognized internationally by nations as independent Palestine), Jordan, and Egypt; also known as the Holy Land.
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A list was appended, which consisted chiefly of books relating to the Holy Land, since the Holy Land was part of the excursion and seemed to be its main feature.
It also offers classes and lectures on topics related to the Holy Land (www.
A systematic and unprecedented attack on Christians in the Holy Land violently violates the most basic, ab antiquo (leading its history since ancient times) and sovereign rights, trampling on the delicate fabric of the relationship between the Christian community and local authorities.
With much love for the Holy Land and its people, he described Jerusalem itself as knowing great measures of beauty and sorrow by comparison with the rest of the world.
It also comes in fragile conditions and in a very sensitive time and will certainly have more negative impacts on the Christian presence in the Holy Land, which could lead to serious escalation and tension in our society, something we all strive to contain," he added.
HCEF delegation comprised of Sir Rateb Rabie, President and CEO of the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation; Lady Rocio Rabie, Public Relations and Outreach; and Laura Menchaca, Management and Development Officer -- paid a visit to the Palestinian Diaspora in Chile to continue developing HCEF programs Know Thy Heritage and Future Business Leaders, promote religious tourism to the Holy Land, and bring more Diaspora home through HCEF's new diaspora initiatives.
Protestants travelling to the Holy Land in the nineteenth century
Visiting the Holy Land is one of thing you should do before you die, according to the British Telegraph newspaper' ultimate travel bucket list.
Summary: Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai hailed Friday the steadfastness of Christians in the Holy Land, saying his visit to occupied Jerusalem was meant to reinforce the Christian identity of the city.
VATICAN CITY * Despite the risk that Pope Francis' upcoming trip to the Holy Land may be politicized, people shouldn't fear any distorted readings or manipulation of the journey, which is a gesture of peace, said the Vatican secretary of state.
visit to the Holy Land is intended to support the Palestinian cause.
Pope Francis has announced that he will visit the Holy Land from 24-26 May 2014.