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Staying focused on the core needs of your home office operation will help you make the best moves in the software scramble.
However, the TAM helpfully points out that an employee can deduct business expenses related to a home office when he receives reimbursements included in salary instead of rent payments.
The home office of the near future will extend its reach dramatically, becoming the technology hub that will drive Internet appliances throughout the house, said Arne Halvorsen, product manager of home office for Stanley.
Take this quiz to determine if you're a candidate for a home office.
In the end, he wrote, the home office is only deductible if it is the place where the taxpayer's most important professional activities are performed.
According to IDC, the home office phenomenon is now entering its third stage of development.
We're now wiring up second bedrooms that can be converted into home offices, but we aren't building separate home office spaces," said Andrea Anker, director of marketing for Colony Homes Management Corp.
One tax aspect to the growing phenomenon of telecommuting employees is the ability to deduct direct and indirect home office expenses.
Taxpayers following Walker could thus deduct the costs of commuting to temporary work sites even if they didn't have a home office.
But in a decision handed down in early 1993, the Supreme Court found otherwise, noting that the law requires home offices to be the taxpayer's "principle place of business.
LOS ANGELES -- As millions of kids pack up for college this fall, KB Home (NYSE:KBH), one of the nation's premier homebuilders, found in a nationwide survey that 45 percent of adults would opt to convert their child's bedroom into a home office or study, once their child leaves home.
The Internet applications that home offices use most frequently, such as remote access to corporate data, collaborative working, and file sharing, are all bandwidth intensive.

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