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proposals today on how Home Rule might be revived, reclaimed, or
the desirability of Home Rule persist, especially when it comes to local
As all the essays focus on an aspect of the Home Rule crisis 1912-14, some of the narrative is repetitive.
If it's meant to provide a balanced UK solution, not a Scotland-only response, then Home Rule must also come to Wales, Northern Ireland and England.
24) Similarly, another commentator noted that "[j]udicial acceptance of the lack of need for such a home rule message might weaken the city's long-term interest in resisting interference from future state legislatures in the operations of New York City, to the dismay of future mayors and corporation counsels.
The justifications offered by the State in the HAIL Act case, and endorsed by the Court of Appeals, would allow home rule in New York City to be overridden by the state legislature whenever it was deemed politically expedient or convenient to do so.
Among households with at least one adult smoker, the national prevalence of smokefree home rules increased from 9.
And to those who share my view that share my view that Home Rule inside the Home Rule inside the UK, our devolved UK, our devolved Parliament, is worth Parliament, is worth fighting to save, I say fighting to save, I say run a more positive run a more positive campaign.
The Village of Manhattan, whose citizens voted to become a home rule community in 1996, levied a 1 percent home rule sales tax to finance the reconstruction, widening, and beautification of a downtown roadway.
If towns join together and push a home rule petition, legislators will have to confront the issue," Mr.
2) The monetary donations of hopeful Irish (and occasionally non-Irish) men and women were channelled across the Atlantic in the 1880s and 1890s to fund the campaigns and salaries of sitting politicians of the nationalist home rule party (hereafter the "Irish Party") at Westminster.
The study found that 81 percent of multiunit housing units had smoke-free home rules, compared with 87 percent of single-family homes.