house arrest

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house arrest

confinement to one's own home

House Arrest


one of the forms of restriction of personal freedom in which the detainee is confined to his home, with or without a guard. Soviet criminal law does not provide for house arrest.

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Edwards proposes that the home arrest study will allow the courts "to honestly evaluate" police action instead of relying on "formalistic evaluations.
Those who are on home arrest are confined to their house and may not leave unless they receive approval from the probation office in advance, such as for a doctor's appointment.
The National Probation Agency will open its technical monitoring center for juveniles sentence to home arrest next month.
But they are serving their sentences under home arrest, according to Sgt.
For the last 20 years, I do not know of a case of a party leader going to a person held under home arrest and offering him a party post," Tsvetanov said.
He used his knowledge of the public sector to lead the establishment of BI Incorporated as the worldwide, dominant provider of electronic home arrest systems and services to 2,500 local and state governments in the United States and eight governments internationally.
Bishkek city court ruled to change the preventive measure from remand in custody to home arrest on July 25.
Fearing a thrashing in the Oldham by-election, Deputy PM Nick Clegg wanted to deliver on a Lib Dem manifesto pledge to abolish the orders, which keep terror suspects under home arrest for months without trial.
attorney's office and lawyers for the defendants, Levin, Lawrence and Roth will serve nine of their 12 months under home arrest rather than in prison.
The LASD said it released Hilton to home arrest because of a "medical condition" that it refused to discuss.
Judge Jarymbetov was beaten by the crowd due to his decision of September 16 to release Rahmidin Egemberdiev from custody under home arrest, while the latter was charged with hooliganism for beating another man.