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home theater

An audio/video entertainment center that has a large-screen TV and hi-fi system with three speakers in the front (left, right and center) and left and right speakers in the rear. Starting in the early 1990s, video inputs were added to stereo receivers, turning them into audio/video (A/V) receivers. Today, almost all home entertainment hardware vendors make A/V equipment for both listening and viewing (see A/V receiver).

Audio - Equally Important
A good sound system is important in a home theater setup. Realistic high-fidelity greatly enhances movie watching, and in many home theaters, the audio is the more elaborate and costly part of the system. See home theater in a box, soundbar, surround sound, digital media server, videophile and audiophile.

Home Theater Components
This is a typical 5.1 home theater (see surround sound). Except for the subwoofer, which is always on the floor, speakers range from tiny, wall-mounted units to floor models containing several drivers.

Home Theater Control
Anyone would be happy to have these high-end McIntosh units in their home theater. The processor is the control hub for selecting video source, decoding surround sound and streaming music from the home network or Internet. (Image courtesy of Audio Video Synergy, Clinton, NJ, www.audiovideosynergy.com)

Big Screen Home Theater!
This Zenith TV was just as exciting in 1951 as the LCDs and plasmas are today. Screen sizes jumped from 10" and 12" to the huge 16" screen you see here. Monochrome, of course. (Equipment courtesy of World Wide Stereo, www.wwstereo.com)
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Mitsubishi's large-screen 3D DLP Home Cinema TVs employ the same core technology used in the vast majority of 3D theaters, offering unparalleled 3D picture quality.
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The W7000 shares the same Full HD optimised optical system as any other top-of-the-line home cinema projectors from BenQ, offering the best clarity and sharpness in every Full HD image, a statement said.
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Mitsubishi 3D DLP([R]) Home Cinema TVs offer some of the largest screen sizes available today, including 60, 65, 73 and a mammoth 82-inch, which provides more than three times the picture area of a 46-inch TV.
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Sony today announced the launch of the VPL-VW500ES, the latest edition to its line of 4K home cinema projectors which is set to revolutionise the way we enjoy movies at home by bringing the full immersive cinema experience to the comfort of the home.