house arrest

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house arrest

confinement to one's own home

House Arrest


one of the forms of restriction of personal freedom in which the detainee is confined to his home, with or without a guard. Soviet criminal law does not provide for house arrest.

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Spencer pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 30 days home confinement, 18 months probation, and was ordered to pay full restitution, court costs, fees, and fines.
In arguing for home confinement, lawyers for Phillipos argued that the student is not a flight risk and has no prior criminal record, according to (http://www.
Provides oversight and review of all home confinement cases;
Graham - who is based in Raleigh, North Carolina - completed his year of home confinement on Friday after being convicted on the felony charge about his links to a steroid distributor in May of 2008.
They carried a large case similar to the one that Vick's ankle monitor was delivered in when he started home confinement.
Singh, 64, also was sentenced to five years probation and 18 months of home confinement.
The four-time Emmy Award-winning reporter is currently serving six months of home confinement, while the subjects of his reporting are serving prison sentences.
Following her prison term, Stewart must serve five months of home confinement.
Probation officials had recommended five months in prison and five months home confinement.
Stewart was also ordered to serve five months of home confinement for lying to investigators and fined pounds 16,000.
A former Northwest Airlines flight attendant who pleaded guilty to assaulting a 19-month-old baby during a flight has been sentenced to four months of home confinement.
A federal prisoner brought a habeas corpus claim challenging the imposition of discipline for phoning a former inmate who was on home confinement.