house arrest

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house arrest

confinement to one's own home

House Arrest


one of the forms of restriction of personal freedom in which the detainee is confined to his home, with or without a guard. Soviet criminal law does not provide for house arrest.

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The legal team of Paul Manafort, who has been on home confinement on charges of money laundering and working as an unregistered foreign agent, offered a US court to post $12.5-million-worth of assets in a bail package to ensure Manafort appears for the trial he is facing, Sputnik reported.
Shah was ordered to serve the first six months in home confinement and pay $648,000 in restitution.
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokesperson Dana Toyama says the inmate population will be reduced "by attrition." Every month 10,000 prisoners complete their sentences, so California can meet the deadline by sentencing a larger share of new convicts to jail or home confinement rather than prison, Toyama said.
His sentence was later commuted to home confinement before he was pardoned by Turkish President Abdullah Gul for health reasons in August 2008.
* Provides oversight and review of all home confinement cases;
In 2009, Schaff and Frank each were sentenced to 12 months probation with a condition of home confinement. The judge imposed a $1,000 fine on each co-defendant and ordered Schaff and Frank to complete 20 hours of community service by speaking to college students about the criminal offense to which they pleaded guilty and corporate fraud in general.
This annuity offers consumers guaranteed rates of return for five years and liquidity features that waive surrender/withdrawal charges for terminal illness, home health care and nursing home confinement.
Graham, the ex-coach of doping disgraced former stars Marion Jones, Justin Gatlin and Tim Montgomery, served a year of home confinement for making false statements to a federal agent in a steroid investigation that he helped launch.
While law enforcement has been using satellite-based GPS to track offendersAAE whereabouts for some time, privacy advocates say the alcohol-monitoring deviceAuknown as Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, or SCRAMAuhas taken law enforcement into the realm of continuously and remotely monitoring peopleAAEs physical condition.AoWe are at a point where no one could have even imagined 15 years ago,Ao said Albert Lurigio, a professor of psychology and criminal justice at Loyola University who has written about electronic monitoring and privacy since a New Mexico judge, inspired by Spider-Man comics, became the first to sentence a defendant to home confinement with an electronic monitor.The driver these days is money.
Eve Hutchinson, a former employee of Buffalo Fire Department Federal Credit Union, Buffalo, N.Y., was convicted of grand larceny and sentenced to five years probation, six months home confinement, 250 hours community service and ordered to pay $72,000 in restitution.
That means Vick no longer has to wear the electronic monitor he's had while under home confinement for the last two months of his 23-month sentence.
The host of Good Morning on the Voice of Palestine and an Al Ahlam correspondent, along with his colleague Mohamed Sarhan, is being subjected to home confinement for three months.The journalists were arrested during the major onslaught on the Gaza Strip for reporting on the movement of Israeli forces in late December and early January.A statement was issued by an office of the Jesuit Santa Clara University in California which is overseeing the campaign.