house arrest

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house arrest

confinement to one's own home

House Arrest


one of the forms of restriction of personal freedom in which the detainee is confined to his home, with or without a guard. Soviet criminal law does not provide for house arrest.

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After Manafort's arraignment on Monday, the political consultant has been released to home confinement on a $10-million personal recognizance bond, meaning that Manafort would pay the sum if he failed to appear in the court.
resident's bail includes that he wear an electronic monitoring bracelet during his home confinement.
In July 2012, Michael Cobb, a physician's assistant, was sentenced to six months in prison to be followed by two years of supervised release, six months of which must be spent under home confinement, and ordered to pay $10,000 in forfeiture.
Provides oversight and review of all home confinement cases;
Graham - who is based in Raleigh, North Carolina - completed his year of home confinement on Friday after being convicted on the felony charge about his links to a steroid distributor in May of 2008.
AoWe are at a point where no one could have even imagined 15 years ago,Ao said Albert Lurigio, a professor of psychology and criminal justice at Loyola University who has written about electronic monitoring and privacy since a New Mexico judge, inspired by Spider-Man comics, became the first to sentence a defendant to home confinement with an electronic monitor.
was convicted of grand larceny and sentenced to five years probation, six months home confinement, 250 hours community service and ordered to pay $72,000 in restitution.
That means Vick no longer has to wear the electronic monitor he's had while under home confinement for the last two months of his 23-month sentence.
The host of Good Morning on the Voice of Palestine and an Al Ahlam correspondent, along with his colleague Mohamed Sarhan, is being subjected to home confinement for three months.
District Court in Salt Lake City to serve four months of home confinement, 36 months probation and pay a $20,000 fine.
Kaminsky was sentenced to three years in prison with six months of home confinement.
The KRC Research poll of 303 adults from June 12-14, conducted at the behest of the 8,000-member Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, found 68 percent thought he showed poor judgment in releasing Hilton to home confinement and 80 percent believe people with money, power or celebrity get better treatment from the Sheriff's Department than the average citizen.