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In 2010, FTP Today released its third generation solution allowing assignment of user access to folders outside the user's home directory -- a more flexible hierarchy that gave users tight access permissions to use particular Workspaces and not the entire FTP server.
Since, as sysadmin, I have godlike rights to files, I peered into John's home directory and started sniffing around.
LiteServe gives the webmaster a full set of management tools, including an easy-to-maintain blacklist, the ability to monitor and disconnect users, statistical tracking of downloads and uploads, unlimited user accounts, and a UNIX/Linux-style home directory for all accounts.
99, from Next Home Directory (Tel: 0845 600 7000/www.
striped roll neck wool sweater (pounds 35) from Principles Home Directory
This file then would transfer to the user's home directory.
You can use Pico to create it in your home directory, placing in it anything you want.
He is a co-author of eCryptfs, an enterprise-class, stacked cryptographic filesystem for Linux, and also constructed Ubuntu's unique home directory encryption feature on top of eCryptfs - a model that was replicated by Google within its ChromeOS devices.
Also, none of the files in this new user's home directory would be owned by you.
The home directory of Cocos2d-x contains a shell script named create-android-projects.
Now, in response to customer requests, Gladinet has added home directory support to CloudAFS.
The main server provides home directory services to the whole department for students and staff, as well as applications serving and administrative file access.

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