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Sir Patrick Hume of Polwarth

(both: hyo͞om, pōl`wərth), 1641–1724, Scottish statesman. Devoted to Presbyterianism, he opposed the policies of the duke of LauderdaleLauderdale, John Maitland, duke of
, 1616–82, Scottish statesman. He entered public life as a staunch Presbyterian and was one of the commissioners who signed the Solemn League and Covenant (1643; see English civil war).
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, took part in the unsuccessful rebellion of the 8th earl of ArgyllArgyll, Archibald Campbell, 8th earl of and 1st marquess of,
1607–61, Scottish statesman.
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 in support of the duke of MonmouthMonmouth, James Scott, duke of
, 1649–85, pretender to the English throne; illegitimate son of Charles II of England by Lucy Walter. After his mother's death, he was cared for by Lord Crofts, by whose name the boy was known. In 1662, James went to live at Charles's court.
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, and fled to France. He returned (1688) with William III, who made him Baron Polwarth (1689), sheriff of Berwick (1692–1710), lord chancellor of Scotland (1696–1702), and earl of Marchmont (1697).
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