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A powerline network that is designed to run Ethernet over the existing electrical system and use AC wall outlets as connecting points. HomePlug provides a non-wireless alternative to stringing network cables to all the rooms in the house. It is very often used with an existing, wired Ethernet network to connect a computer in a distant room without going wireless. All computers and network devices (routers, switches) plug into HomePlug adapters, also known as "HomePlug bridges," that plug into the wall outlet.

HomePlug 1.0 and HomePlug AV
HomePlug 1.0 provides an effective data rate of 8.2 Mbps, while HomePlug AV (HPAV) offers quality of service (QoS) and 150 Mbps for video streaming. Both versions use OFDM modulation and the CSMA/CA access method used in wireless Ethernet (802.11).

HomePlug transmits low-energy signals in the 4.5MHz to 21MHz frequency range, way above the 60Hz and 50Hz of AC power. HomePlug AV uses 2MHz to 28MHz. For more information, visit the HomePlug Powerline Alliance at www.homeplug.com. See powerline network. See also HomePNA.

Extending the Network
This illustration shows powerline technology being used with an existing network to connect a user in a remote location of the building.
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The broadband frequency range of the HomePlug AV2 will also achieve shorten communication distances and noise immunity will be lower.
The HomePlug Alliance is a group of 55 companies developing technology specifications and certification & logo programs for powerline networking.
The announcement was made at a jointly-hosted seminar in Beijing on 10 June 2014 which highlighted the ability to use HomePlug technologies to improve home networking performance for broadband media devices, as well as enable the smart home or Internet of Things (IoT).
HomePlug, a powerline communication technology, allows customers to establish a cost-effective home network with high QoS using existing electrical wiring as the communication medium.
The Linksys Powerline HomePlug AV2 Kit uses the latest HomePlug AV2 industry-standard technology to turn any home wall outlet into a powerful network connection.
of Florida) offer insight into the design choices made in the HomePlug AV specification, one of a suite of standards for broadband powerline communications systems developed by the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, and the basis of IEEE's 1901 Standard.
For the first few years the mains supply also served as my network connection using 'homeplug' powerline adaptors from Devolo.
The Tx signal is generated according to the HomePlug standard [25].
Powerline 546E combines HomePlug powerline communication, Wi-Fi, two Ethernet connections, and an intelligent power socket to provide up to 500 Mbps of home networking performance along with home automation, energy management and control capabilities.