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Collectors have a choice of wrestling toys along with books, clothing, homemade soap, tree seedlings and produce at Saturday's swap meet.
We use homemade soap from my mother but I have been looking for a shampoo recipe.
I make homemade soap and have always used the old Red Devil lye.
My folks had outhouses, homemade soap and one-room school houses.
Homemade soap is economical to make and has many household uses.
I would also like recipes for homemade soap, and how to make candles.
And once again the spinning wheels are spinning, the milk buckets clanging and there's homemade soap in the soap dish.
Give homemade soap, baskets, cheese or wreathes with dried flowers from your flower garden or the back meadow.
Failures make people think that soapmaking is difficult or that homemade soap is inferior to commercially made soap--which isn't true
Tallow or animal fat can be replaced with all natural vegetable oils which will lather and moisturize better than grandmother's homemade soap.
I read an article in Countryside about soap and the woman who wrote it said that homemade soap will not lather without coconut oil.