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Inbreeding due to isolation.
Condition of having all flowers alike.



(1) The simultaneous maturation of the stigma and anthers in a bisexual flower, which makes self-fertilization possible.

(2) An antiquated genetic term (suggested by the English biologist K. Pearson in 1903) indicating selection of similar pairs for crossing.

(3) Transmission by male and female individuals of the same combinations of genes.

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Kalmijn (1993) finds that educational homogamy among second-generation immigrants has increased over the years, whereas ethnic endogamy has decreased.
We also tested the individual components of homogamy (age difference, racial or ethnic difference, and whether partners belonged to the same social network).
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Further, the higher incidence of homogamy among Jews is indicative of a diminution in discrimination.
It is also worth noting that our multivariate analysis finds no statistically significant impact of paternal education on ethnic identity, which may be due to the prevalence of marital homogamy.
Alternatively, the trend toward increased homogamy in education and income in the US marriage market might also be increasing the number of self-identified stay-at-home father families.
Mare and Schwartz (2005) also report that today husbands and wives are roughly four times as likely to have a spouse who shares their educational background as they are to be married to someone who does not, educational homogamy being particularly strong for college graduates.
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