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(mechanical engineering)
A machine that blends or emulsifies a substance by forcing it through fine openings against a hard surface.
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an apparatus for obtaining homogeneous, finely ground mixtures and highly dispersed emulsions. Homogenizers are used in the production of sterilized milk, vegetables, fruit, dairy canned goods, ice cream, and sweet cream. Homogenizers are widely used in chemical and biological laboratory research. A liquid is passed into the homogenizer at high speed through capillary openings or narrow slits with a gap of 2–7 microns. In this process, the fat particles are broken up (to 0.1–1.0 microns) and distributed evenly. The principal parts of the homogenizer are one or several (for even delivery) parallel pumps and one or several homogenizing heads placed in succession. Homogenizers are classified as one-, two-, or three-stage, depending on the number of heads. The productive capacity of a homogenizer is up to 5,000 liters per hour.

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The internal design has special features permitting the homogenizer to handle feeds at high viscosity up to 20,000 cP and at temperatures up to 90[degrees]C (194[degrees]F) without any feeding pump.
No single company offers a larger or better selection of pumps, valves, homogenizers, heat exchangers mixers, and separation technologies.
Very small, extremely uniform emulsions as low as 0.1 microns can be generated through the unique fixed-architecture homogenizer module.
Omni offers the most diverse selection of homogenizers to process virtually any type of sample, including high-shear, rotor-stator, mortar and pestle, ultrasonic and bead mills.
today announced the release of a series of nucleic acid purification kits specifically designed for use with bead mill homogenizers like the Omni Bead Ruptor bead mill homogenizer line.
The heart of the machine is a homogenizer, located below the vessel and designed according to the rotor-stator principle.
Specially designed for use in a homogenizer blender, Nasco's Whirl-Pak bags are made of extra-thick polyethylene to withstand the pounding from blender paddles.
The dose measurements are performed using a beam-splitter-based calibration system in which a spatially uniform beam from an ArF excimer laser is generated using a special beam homogenizer. The beam propagation properties, including uniformity or homogeneity, are fully characterized with a state-of-the-art beam profile measurement system based on a pyroelectric camera array.
Scientists are studying the effects of homogenizer pressure and food emulsion formulations on drop coalescence in a high-pressure homogenizer.
The Minilab table-top laboratory vacuum mixer homogenizer is designed for the most demanding requirements for the formulation of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care creams, lotions, gels and ointments.
The Omni LH96 Liquid Handling Homogenizer Workstation is for walk-away batch processing of up to 192 samples/cycle.